Tips for starting or getting back into a fitness routine!

Getting back into the gym after some time off (or maybe it’s new to you altogether) can be quite uncomfortable. Ive been there too, especially after having covid in June this year. Wow, you not feeling your fittest, you’re not as strong as you once were, you lose your confidence in the gym & that can make it so difficult to go back. So, what do you?

1. Set the expectation that the first 1-2 weeks back are going to suck a little, and that’s okay! After even just a week of going consistently again, you’re already going to start feeling more comfortable again.

2. Have a routine and try go at the same time every day. Building it into your routine will help with consistency – and we all know consistency is key.

3. Set small goals that you can actually reach. Don’t set yourself up for feeling like a failure by setting too big of goals right away. Tiny wins help build confidence and the motivation to keep going!

4. Attend fitness classes, hire a trainer, or follow an exercise program! This way you have a plan when you go to the gym instead of awkwardly walking around not knowing what to do. This helps so much!

I hope these tips help!! 

If your feeling abit insecure or don’t know where to start, get in touch !


Published by Marizelle

Hi! My name is Marizelle. I am a Biokineticist, Sports Scientist, Sports massage therapist, trained Specialized Kinesiologist, passionate about Movement, Nutrition and Mindset. I am dedicated to helping and guiding individuals to become the best version of themselves - Mind, Body, Spirit. Thank you for checking in, and welcome! I am all about living a health focused lifestyle, I encourage creating long lasting sustainable habits which lead to living your best life. My mission is to enlighten you about the effects of movement, nutrition and a healthy mental state on well-being. There is no 'one size fits' all approach to living optimally, we are all individuals, but I can guide you in a way that works best for you, your lifestyle and needs. My special interests are educating and helping my patients to better help themselves, I have a huge passion for woman's health and helping woman with hormones issues as well as rehabilitation required for chronic diseases and transforming lives through mindset, movement and nutrition. Get in touch if you would like to learn more.

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