Biokinetics role in the management of PCOS

So how can seeing your Biokineticist help you manage PCOS? If your unsure on what PCOS is please go back to my previous post to read more there and then come back here. A Biokineticist is a Health professional and exercise specialist who improves a persons physical condition and the quality of life by means ofContinue reading “Biokinetics role in the management of PCOS”

What is Fibromyalgia?

In the light of Fibromyalgia awareness day on the 12th of May I am sharing some information and awareness on this condition in the hopes to bring awareness and help sufferers understand their condition better. What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal disorder that causes chronic pain all over the body. Other common symptoms alsoContinue reading “What is Fibromyalgia?”


Can exercise help in the management of PCOS? The short answer is YES, but if you’re like me and you like reading on all the facts please read on. Allot of women with PCOS experience higher rates of insulin resistance compared to women who don’t have the condition. Insulin resistance affects your body’s ability to useContinue reading “PCOS & EXERCISE”

Emotional Fitness the key to long term fat loss?

Stress management is one of the KEY components to long term fat loss. Here’s why: When we lack the ability to control and manage our internal state, our perception of what we dealing with will unfortunately be far greater. We´re more likely to feel overwhelmed and anxious, unable to keep things in perspective. Thus makingContinue reading “Emotional Fitness the key to long term fat loss?”

4 Types of PCOS – and how to know which one you may have

Click on buttons to first read what is PCOS and how to manage PCOS How to treat PCOS When it comes to PCOS, the usual medical prescription is often a one size fits all approach. My clients often tell me they were told to lose weight and go on the pill to regulate their hormones.Continue reading “4 Types of PCOS – and how to know which one you may have”


Most of us need someone or something keeping us accountable in order to reach our goals. It’s human & absolutely normal to lack motivation all the time. It can help IMMENSELY, no matter what it’s for. Whether it’s for fitness & nutrition, personal goals, spiritual goals, being productive, investing in yourself, business goals, literally anything.Continue reading “ACCOUNTABILITY”

Why making a lifestyle change is superior for fat-loss and all round health.

Clients or potential clients often ask me what the most fast and effective way to loose fat is. And my answer either excites them or turns them away, looking at other coaches who promise quick and easy results. I am sorry, (also not sorry) to break it to you. There is NO fast, quick andContinue reading “Why making a lifestyle change is superior for fat-loss and all round health.”

5 Habits that lead to poor physical and mental health

“successful people are simply those who have successful habits” Brian Tracy I am writing this as a former overachiever and perfectionist. I was addicted to stress to be honest, it gave me a purpose and my self worth depended on it. I had to constantly be studying something new, learning my craft – was myContinue reading “5 Habits that lead to poor physical and mental health”


Buckle down because I am about to blow you away with some ground breaking news here… the secret to all diets… Keto= Calorie DeficitPaleo= Calorie DeficitIntermittent Fasting= Calorie DeficitCounting Points= Calorie DeficitJuice Cleanse= Calorie DeficitIIFYM= Calorie Deficit I could keep going but I am pretty sure you get the point. Losing weight means you mustContinue reading “THE SECRET TO HOW DIETS WORK”