Buckle down because I am about to blow you away with some ground breaking news here…

the secret to all diets…

Keto= Calorie Deficit
Paleo= Calorie Deficit
Intermittent Fasting= Calorie Deficit
Counting Points= Calorie Deficit
Juice Cleanse= Calorie Deficit
IIFYM= Calorie Deficit

I could keep going but I am pretty sure you get the point.

Losing weight means you must be in a caloric deficit. So you’re going to have to create that deficit to lose weight. Any diet you try inevitably creates that deficit for you. One diet is no more magical than the other. fact.

THIS IS THE SECRET behind diet culture….the real secret lies with WHAT CAN YOU SUSTAIN!!!

Losing weight on a new diet is exciting, and the one of the main reasons people end up yo-yo dieting for years…but the real secret is; learning how to eat according to your body and being able to maintain that weight loss with healthy lifestyle habits, this in itself is an incredible feeling.

How different would your life be if you didn’t have to keep trying one weight loss fad after another? its absolutely life changing, if your someone who is chronically stuck in a dieting cycle.

That is why I am passionate about helping others do this sustainably, teaching habits that you can easily add in to your daily routine AND ditching diet culture!

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Tired and Wired.

Heard this phrase before?

“Wired and tired” refers to being exhausted, but too anxious to sleep. You might feel this way if, while laying in bed at night, your body is tired, but your mind is wide awake. Like you just can’t get to falling asleep and your mind is racing.

This is also described as burned out. If you’re feeling this way, then you’ve probably been under prolonged stress for a while now, whether you know it or not. Research has shown that prolonged stress can lead to allot of health risks and symptoms that that lead to further stress, discomfort and changes in your moods and vigor for life.

This has been a very common topic in practise over the past year, with all that’s going on in the world.

Lets delve in a bit deeper….

Prolonged stress leads to disharmony in the body and specifically affects the sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. Dysfunction in this HPA axis is caused by increased cortisol levels and neurotransmitter imbalances.

So how does this dysfunction occur? – there are four general types of stressors affecting the HPA axis.
1. Sleep disorders and poor sleep hygiene
2. Glycemic and metabolic dysregulation
3. Chronic inflammation
4. Mental and emotional stress

So you think you may have this dysfunction?

What can you do to balance things out and feel better? – The key to regulating cortisol levels is to correct any HPA axis stressors, such as the ones listed above.

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Reduce inflammation.
Reducing chronic stressors that stimulate the inflammatory response can help restore balance to your cortisol levels. To effectively reduce inflammation, it’s best to tackle this from a holistic approach. Think food choices, relationship with food, daily movement, and lifestyle choices.

2. Exercise. If you know me, you know how I love to prescribe holistic approach programs and they always include some form of movement! It’s a great stress-relieving tactic for reducing emotional and psychological stress.
Fitting daily exercise into your routine might seem impossible due to the current stressors of the pandemic, but trust me you will thank me later3.

3. Improve your bedtime routine.
Your night-time routine might need a makeover if you want better sleep. Need some work in this department read my article by clicking here .

4. Breathing exercise – can be a great stress-combating tool used correctly, just a few minutes a day can do the trick.

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Tips for starting or getting back into a fitness routine!

Getting back into the gym after some time off (or maybe it’s new to you altogether) can be quite uncomfortable. Ive been there too, especially after having covid in June this year. Wow, you not feeling your fittest, you’re not as strong as you once were, you lose your confidence in the gym & that can make it so difficult to go back. So, what do you?

1. Set the expectation that the first 1-2 weeks back are going to suck a little, and that’s okay! After even just a week of going consistently again, you’re already going to start feeling more comfortable again.

2. Have a routine and try go at the same time every day. Building it into your routine will help with consistency – and we all know consistency is key.

3. Set small goals that you can actually reach. Don’t set yourself up for feeling like a failure by setting too big of goals right away. Tiny wins help build confidence and the motivation to keep going!

4. Attend fitness classes, hire a trainer, or follow an exercise program! This way you have a plan when you go to the gym instead of awkwardly walking around not knowing what to do. This helps so much!

I hope these tips help!! 

If your feeling abit insecure or don’t know where to start, get in touch !


Seasonal depression

Seasonal depression/winter blues/seasonal affective disorder – it’s a real thing

Coupled with the condition of our current climate, all the loss and sadness around every corner as well as existing mental health illnesses, we need to do everything we can to keep ourselves and each other healthy.

There a medications that help relieve these seasonal depression symptoms but there are an array of things you can try before going that route:

These are the things that help me:

1. Creating a daily routine
2. More vitamin D3
3. Fresh air and getting outside in nature
4. Schedule in things or people that uplift my energy
5. Making time to move my body
6. Journalling
7. Writing down affirmations and gratitude lists.
8. Organizing and cleaning
9. Prioritizing sleep
10. Being creative

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For example: Instead of saying I have to workout today or I have to eat nutritiously change, have to with get to.

Everything in life is an opportunity to seek out gratitude.
Even the smallest mundane things in life.

Changing your perspective, the vocab you use, can propel you forward, make you feel better, stronger and in control, something most of us really need right now.

Look after yourself friends, choose your words wisely.


Health and Wellness Journey

If your on a health, fitness or general wellness journey here is a friendly reminder that it isn’t only about your diet and exercise.

The obvious ones are:
What food you consume
What quality of food you eat
When and how and how often you move your body

The not so obvious one’s (the hardest of all the change) are the small habits.

How you spend your mornings.
How you talk to yourself.
What you read.
What you consume on social media. The people you hang around.
Who and what you spend your energy on.
The boundaries you set for yourself.
Time management.
Stress management.

When you embarking on making positive change to your life and lifestyle its important to get clear about who you are, what you want and what you deserve.

All these aspects play a role in your overall health and wellness!

If you’re feeling a bit stuck on your journey take a closer look at the smaller habits that may be hindering your progress.


Long term calorie restriction

If you have been dieting forever, this graph may look familiar to something you’ve experienced before or currently experiencing.

As you drop your calories (restrict the amount of food your in taking), you are also dropping your metabolic rate.

When you give you body less calories, it has to slow the metabolism down so it can function properly with less fuel coming in. Its like hoping your car will make it on a road trip to another province with half a tank of fuel. Its not going happen.

Instead of dropping your calories drastically to lose weight or continue to lose weight (cause it usually works at first) I can teach you how to improve your metabolism with simple and sustainable habits.

When your metabolism increases you can eat more food, and still lose weight! 🤯 Yes its a process and everyone’s body responds differently depending on how low your metabolism currently is or how many calories your currently consuming.

But its worth it in the end, physically, physiologically, mentally and aesthetically 🤪

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What’s the difference between a process and progress?

Defined; a process is a step by step plan and set of routines to get you to your end goal right? So what is progress? it’s a result right? – like getting closer to that goal you invision.

The one cant exist with out the other. You need a process to follow to get progress. But you can’t chase the progress without a process. But you can chase the process to get progress, and that’s where you are falling short.

See, we all want progress, we are human, but progress is usually associated to a short lived feeling or short term goal, when once reached you move on the the next thing or new process for progress.

If we shift our focus on the process we will progress. If we keep focusing of the progress we may fall short, get distracted, get discouraged as progress can be slow.

Keep your focus on the process!

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Was your workout good enough?


Im not drenched in sweat – so my work out wasn’t good enough…

Just because you arent drenched in sweat, doesn’t mean your workout wasn’t ‘good enough’.

This is such a misconception…

When I was at varsity I was totally guilty of believing this. I use to think if I wasn’t doing a HIIT workout, getting my heart rate up and finishing dripping in sweat, it wasn’t a good workout.
Thankfully I know better now!

When it comes to exercise this is what you need to know:

☀️ The BEST type of exercise or workout is the one you actually enjoy and can stick to consistently.

☀️ We know that resistance training is better for the metabolism and fat loss long term – the more lean muscle mass you have the better your metabolism i.e the more fat you burn at rest.

☀️ Any kind of movement is good movement

☀️Too much HIIT style training can be detrimental for long term sustainable female fat loss (hormone health)

So don’t get caught up in thinking you “didn’t workout hard enough” if you didn’t sweat.

Have you fallen in this trap?



The best and simplest piece of advise I could ever give you…🤪

Losing weight, having a healthy rockin’ bod, feeling comfortable and confident in your skinny jeans – all happen because of basic healthy habits, not crazy diet rules and restrictions (because diet and restriction may work short term but are never really sustainable and as science has shown has long term side affects on your metabolism)

If you have fat loss goals, keep it simple and work on building small healthy habits long term – that’s where the magic happens!

Healthy habits + consistency = progress and reaching goals

I teach my clients exactly how to this in my coaching 💫