2021, your best year yet?!

I think we all went into 2020 saying this is my year, we had big hopes and dreams, and we were all pretty stunned how it turned out.

Well tomorrow is the new year, I hope you realize that 2021 won’t magically be your best year ever unless:
1. You take ownership for your actions
2.Change your habits to support your growth
3.Make health and happiness a priority
4.Learn to set your boundaries
5.Surround yourself with people who lift you up or create an environment which supports your growth.

Good things in life, don’t just happen. You have to create it. You have to take a good look at your current situation and decide for yourself its time to take action.

I think this year has really opened the eyes of many to realize how important health really is. Without health and vitality you cannot live your best life.

I hope this inspires you to take a look at your life, life choices and habits and perhaps think about how you can create some positive change to propel you forward.

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Dry Brushing


I’ve written an entire article on why and how to care for your lymphatic system, check out my blog post for more details.

But in this post here, I wanted to highlight something so simple to implement into your daily routine and from the pictures im sure you can tell what that is 

Dry Brushing, its has been around since ancient times, though it’s been surging in popularity lately as many supermodels claim it as their beauty secret weapon. The idea is to get the circulation going, effectively “tightening” the skin by stimulating it with a vigorous brush before a shower or bath.

Dry brushing can help along a sluggish lymphatic system, which then directly affects your immune system! Crazy right!

If you have been experiencing swelling, puffiness or taking meds that can cause edema then this is for you.

Benefits include: stimulating circulation, eliminating toxins through the lymph, boosts skin elasticity, boost the immune system removes dead dry skin thus improving the appearance of the skin texture, stress relieving , can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, the ritual relaxes and calms the mind.

I’ve also attached a picture showing the direction your should brush in, this is specifically to stimulate the lymph system.


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Your HEALTH, VITALITY, WEIGHT and WELLNESS does NOT solely depend on what you eat or drink. Shocked?

I realized this only after trying every diet under the sun!! And I am here to tell you DO NOT WASTE ANOTHER SECOND on short term dieting!

Its not about changing one thing only, you can not expect miracles from changing one piece of the puzzle.

A healthy well-balanced diet is always going to be a recommendation YES, but that alone cannot compete with lack of sleep, high stress levels, a sedentary lifestyle, gut and metabolic issues and a poor mindset full of limiting beliefs.

You have got to work on all these things to see some serious changes.

And no there is no such thing as a quick fix with lasting results. Its takes time and consistency, its all about building a sustainable individualistic routine which accommodates YOUR lifestyle and goals.

Have you been stuck in a rut with your health, weight and wellness? Eager to make changes, and instead of just surviving, start thriving?

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Give your Lymphatic system some love to get you feeling lighter and brighter.

The lymphatic system is made up of lymph nodes and lymph vessels that drain fluids from your body’s tissues. The fluids carry toxins, immune cells, and waste products to your lymph nodes. Lymph vessels help maintain fluid balance in the body by returning filtered lymph fluid back to the bloodstream.

If your lymphatic system is sluggish it directly affects your immune system and you can feel puffy, experience edema and if left untreated can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves leading to pain in the limbs most commonly your feet.

So what can you do to give your lymphatic and ultimately your immune system some love?

1. Foam Rolling: Foam rolling helps smooth away congestion, inflammation, flush out the lymphatic system, increase immunity, stimulate blood circulation, “wring out” and hydrate the connective tissue and revitalize your being. I always say it’s like an internal juice cleanse of your connective tissue!

2. Inversions: Getting your hips above your heart is an amazing way to help improve your lymphatic system. By using gravity to drain stagnant fluid, inversions help bring blood and lymph from your feet and legs up to your kidneys to drain excess fluid, toxins, and stagnant energy.

3. Brisk Walking: When walking your legs act as a natural pump that helps move the lymph fluid through the body.  Plus, the deep breathing creates pressure and expansion that helps aid the lymphatic fluid. The more transverse rotation you have while walking, the better your lymph system can flush the upper body, arms, neck and shoulders.

4. Rebounding: If you have a rebounder, use it! its incredible for your lymph system. If you don’t have a rebounder you can do easy small jumps up and down on the stop. I recommend 100 jumps every morning to get the lymph going.

5. Dry Brushing: Dry brushing has been around since ancient times, though it’s been surging in popularity lately as many supermodels claim it as their beauty secret weapon. The idea is to get the circulation going, effectively “tightening” the skin by stimulating it with a vigorous brush before a shower or bath. Quick tip: always brush towards your heart and rub each limb and your torso for about 30 seconds. It also acts to exfoliate the skin.

6. Espon Salt Bath: This is another ancient technique that I love adding into my weekly self care routine. Get yourself some epson salts add a few drops essentail oil. I love peppermint oil. Other benefits of a warm bath include easing sore muscles and helping you relax and sleep.

7. Lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. Lymphatic massage can reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system. Be sure to use a qualified therapist for your massage.

If you have noticed you have been feeling more puffy or have increased swelling try giving your lympathic system some TLC and see how it makes you feel – the proof is in the pudding.

For more info or questions, please get in touch !


Festive Season Health Hacks

The silly season seems to have crept up on us very quickly this year around. Are you finally get things back on track after lockdown and now stressing out about all the festivities to come over silly season? Are you worried you’ll lose momentum and have to start from scratch in the new year? or have you just given up on all things health and fitness for 2020 because well, its been a rather strange year for everyone.

Well I am not about to try convince you to do otherwise, I am going to encourage you to make small changes well in advance to set your self up before the silly season hits.

Look I know starting over is tough, so why stop in the first place? You are going to save yourself allot of the grunt work if you just stick to an established routine over the festive period. So for those of you have got a routine of regular exercise, in a habit of making generally good nutrition choices, stay hydrated and prioritise 7-9 hours of sleep – for you I will say, try stick to your routine as best you can, even if you have to cut corners here and there, generally sticking to a routine will make you feel allot more accomplished and will help you get back to the swing of things once your back on track with work, kids, responsibilities and all the other good stuff.

Those of you who don’t really have any of the above going on, no habits or routines that form your regular day to day. Well for you my advise looks slightly different. As silly season is approaching I would suggest you try incorporate some sort of routine to ensure you don’t become a couch potato and whine when 2021 hits you.

So why habits? why routines? habits and routines have the power to shape your day. Daily consistent action is the only thing that matters, action is what takes you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Here are some very basic good habits you should try include daily and throughout the silly season to make sure you stay on track;

Move, move, move – make daily movement a priority, go for a walk in the mornings, play with the kids, do some extra house work that you never had the time for, go to the beach or pools. Keep busy and moving. Try get active as early as possible before the day gets hectic with plans and festivities.

Exercise – try include some sort of physical activity at least 3 times a week. Lift things up, join a virtual class, go for a run, swim a couple lengths of the pool, practice your core engagement, do some stretching. Anything is better than nothing.

Eat mindfully – make better food choices. Eating well, staying nourished and healthy is so important especially when doing more drinking and staying up later than usual. Make sure you load your plate with healthy veg, greens and salads most of the time.

Don’t go to an event or gathering hungry. Eat something sustainable before you go so you dont overdo it on the finger eats, cheese and chips.

Make healthy platters – if your taking a platter to an event, make a health conscious one. something you’ll enjoy and something that probably won be already made. So you know there are healthier options when you feel like snacking.

Stay hydrated – sometimes we confuse hunger for thirst, make sure your getting in enough fluids especially in our beautiful hot summer months.

Watch what you drink – Alcohol can be very high in energy and added sugars, especially if you’re having festive cocktails or G&Ts. You can limit your alcohol intake or try the new zero alcohol options that are becoming a healthy lifestyle trend. You can also choose sugar free mixes, low calories wines or opt for lite options.

Sleep is still important. Even though your on holiday and probably having more lazy days, getting in your 7-9 hours is still important for your health. On the flip side sleeping too much can make you feel sluggish and tired, so aim to opt for at least 7 hours per night.

Don’t beat yourself up. Remember it okay to indulge but don’t over indulge, there is a huge difference – moderation is key. have some pudding, or extra serve – just don’t over do it and try wait 20 min after eating to make sure your really still hungry.

Relax and Have fun, your on holidays after all. Silly season is all about socializing, celebrating and making memories right? so do it, but be mindful of your choices in activity, food and drinks.

There is always a healthier option to anything, put your health first, make good choices, have fun and make this festive season count.


Need a detox?

So you’re feeling under the weather, a little sluggy and tired and missing that spring in your step….

So how do you know if you need to detoxify?

Look out for symptoms in multiple body systems:

  • Generalized muscle aches
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • General fatigue
  • Food allergies or chemical sensitivities
  • Irritability and headaches
  • Migraines
  • Muscle weakness
  • Abdominal pains and tremors
  • Kidney Distress and elevated liver enzymes
  • Constipation
  • Low energy levels throughout the day
  • Unusual smelling body odor – even with good hygiene routines
  • Experience physical aches and pains
  • Skin issues that you didn’t have before – rashes and itchy spots
  • Breakouts on face particularly on the forehead and between the eyebrows
  • Bad breath – even to you no matter what you do.
  • In ability to fall asleep
  • Waking up a couple times at night
  • Waking up feeling tired and unrested
  • Weight gain – even though your exercising and eating well

Other lifestyle factors to consider:

  • Taking multiple chronic medications
  • Taking over the counter medications
  • Relying medications to get your through the day
  • Eating a highly processed diet
  • Not really mindful of what you eat, you eat what you have around
  • Don’t do any formal exercise
  • Don’t drink much water
  • Chronic coffee drinker
  • Chronic over stressor
  • Don’t spend time in nature or outdoors
  • Don’t schedule time in for personal needs
  • Sleep is not a priority
  • Sleep less than 6 hours per night

Ticked off more than 5 on the lists above?

When was the last time you took some time to detox,avoid certain foods, cut out the caffeine and sugar, worked on improving your parasympathetic nervous system with specific exercise, practiced mindfulness, meditated and grounded yourself?

Sound like something you need to do?


Toxins 101

Throughout our daily life we are exposed to and in contact with environmental toxins leading to health concerns in a variety of areas.

Where are these toxins coming from?

6 most widespread toxins include:

  • PDE’s – Polybrominated diphenyl ethers – used as flame retardant. Known to build up in human fat tissue, causing damage to the nervous system, liver and kidneys. Studies indicate PDEs are causing sexual dysfunctions, thyroid issues and brain disorders.
  • Bisphenol A – BPA -found in plastics and can linings. Causing havoc in the endocrine system, causes issues with development. BPA can cause serious environmental issues and particularly linked to poor childhood health.
  • Perfluorooctanoic acid – PFOA – used in nonstick cookware, certain food packaging and other heat resistant products. Studies verify that PFOA contributes to infertility and other reproductive problems, as well as liver and immune function implications.
  • Acrylamide – chemical carcinogen formed when carbohydrate foods are cooked at high temperatures – think fried chips and chicken. This toxin is also used in cosmetics. Exposure has been linked to cancer and neurological dysfunction.
  • Mercury – most commonly associated with tinned fish.
  • Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) – a gasoline additive. Additional exposure from second hand smoke. Causes neurological and reproductive problems.

Are you experiencing a toxic burden?

Symptoms you may experience with excessive toxins:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Cognitive problems: including brain fog and memory problems
  • Neurological issues, balance problems and tremors

Conditions and diseases associated with excessive toxic burden:

  • Allergies or Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Chemical sensitivity
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Fertility problems
  • Birth Defects
  • Parkinsonism
  • Bone marrow cancers
  • Chronic infections
  • Autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So what now?

With knowledge comes power!

Marizelle Eggers

Reduce your exposure to these very common toxins

  • Environment: Use chemical free products in the home. Take off your shoes before entering the home to avoid tracking in chemicals from outside. Avoid personal products containing pthalates, paraben and 4-MBC.
  • Foods and drinks: 90% of the toxin exposure comes from the food we eat. To reduce your exposure via pesticides and herbicides on your foods, avoid eating fruits and veg on the dirty dozen list. Choose free-range, hormone, antibiotic free, RGH Free diary, meats and eggs. Choose fresh cold water fish rather than farm raised. Always wash produce very well before preparing the foods.
  • Other exposure routes: use stainless steel or glass drinking containers, reduce or eliminate al plastic utensils, drinking containers, plates and storage containers. Store foods in non plastic containers and bags where possible. never microwave foods in plastic containers.

Be mindful of your environment, the food you eat, the air you breath.

Detox your body – detoxification is simply normalizing the body’s ability to process and excrete toxins while you temporarily reduce the amount of incoming toxins.

Is it time for a detox?

Get in touch for more on this topic.



Mull it over, think about it. Can you pin point one thing that’s holding you back from reaching your full #potential?

Is it your #health? Your #finances? Toxic #relationships? The wrong crowd? Is it your #body? Your #mindset? How you feel about yourself? Is it a lack of #confidence? A lack of #control? #Disease? Trauma? A past you cant run away from? The lack of #spiritual connection?

Think about it, pin point what’s holding you back.

The first step to building and #manifesting the life of your dreams is to acknowledge the very things standing in your way.

Once you know what’s keeping you back you can take that next step forward to becoming the best #version of yourself.

Start with acknowledging, then shift into #understanding and the plan on replacing the problem with a new habit that will set you up for #success.

Set up your daily habits and routines to work for you, to #create the life of your dreams.

This world needs you at your full potential.



If you’ve ever had a really stressful month or you’ve been following a new routine or diet (which your body perceives as “stress” because it is a stray from your normal), you might have experienced your monthly coming early or a bit late – or not even coming at all.

Obviously eliminating all stress is nearly impossible, but too much can definitely take a toll on our overall health. It is important to know that stress can be anything from emotional, mental or physical. Are you surprised? The most common surprise amongst clients is that emotional upset is is bad for your health! Stress is stress, the brain perceives it much the same.

When you are overloaded with stress, your cortisol levels can be affected, this can then lead to a weakened immune system, the adrenals and thyroid becoming suppressed, even the digestive system can be thrown off. Studies show that under stress inflammation increases in the body and when left unchecked, can cause havoc on our health and well-being.

So with stress affecting all these bodily systems don’t you think it’s obvious that it will affect the reproductive system? For woman this is so important to understand. Our reproductive systems are literally the reason why we exist, to procreate and make life. When the body is stressed this system is one of the first to be shut down, yes, that is how incredibly amazing our bodies are. Think about it, back in the day, if we were in a famine, starving – not knowing where the next meal will come from, running around hunting for our food; – reproducing will be the last thing your body would put you through, so naturally the reproductive system gets put on hold.

No wonder so many women are struggling to conceive, get diagnosed with hormonal issues left right and centre – women as a whole have a lot more going on than women back in the day.

Stressful periods can result in changes in the duration of your menstrual period, and there’s even a chance your menstrual period can temporarily stop. Medically it’s called amenorrhea.

If you have been dealing with amenorrhea for more than a few months, I highly recommend getting your hormone levels tested as it could be a symptom of something more serious than just “stress”. I have a list of amazing doctors who I can refer you to.

The takeaway message here is that reducing overall stress and balancing your hormonal levels can significantly improve your health and the way you feel:

10 Tips on how can you balance hormonal levels and reduce unnecessary stress ?

1. Choose the right type of exercise for an optimal hormonal response.

2. Avoid eating foods that your body may be allergic/ intolerant to. This just leads to more inflammation.

3. Eat a diet of whole foods, balanced meals and choose foods which are nutrient dense (rich in lean proteins, healthy fats, antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables) this will help reduce inflammation and counteract the negative effects of stress.

4. Prioritize sleep 7-9 hours of high quality sleep is a must.

5. Routine – humans are creatures of habit. Having a daily routine can set you up for a successful day.

6. Self care is essential, doing something for yourself everyday even if it takes you 10min is so important. You are important.

7. Avoid/limit caffeine and alcohol, these can add to your stress load especially when already overly stressed. In moderation these can definitely be part of a balanced lifestyle.

8. Rest when you are tired. Skip the workout when you are overly stressed and tired, and when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep.

9. Supplements – Chronic stress depletes nutrients and minerals in the body, make sure your eating a nourishing diet to replenish these or supplement with magnesium glycinate, B vitamins and vitamin C.

10. Get back to nature – get out doors, in the sunlight, barefoot and ground yourself. I have a great post about the importance of grounding – linked here https://mazbiofit.com/2020/05/21/grounding-earthing/

Any questions? need advice – get in touch


Fitspo Trends

Fitspo trends are not sustainable, they are short term, quick fixes that work but lead you down a long term battle with health and weight issues.


With everyone getting back to #fitness and #exercise and following the latest #diet trends to get those #summerbodies. I thought it was fitting to remind you about what is true amongst all the BS on the internet.

A reminder from a qualified and registered Biokineticist:
👀Eating minimally is not optimal especially in the long run – if you want your metabolism to stay healthy you need to nourish your body with enough energy aka calories.
👀Drinking #coffee is not breakfast
👀Drinking water to curb your #appetite is not normal and neither is chewing gum all day to avoid eating – this can actually mess with your gut health
👀 #Intermittentfasting is NOT for everyone esp if you’re female, generally unwell or have hormonal issues
👀Carbs are not evil – they are fuel for your cells and your bodies prefered source of energy
👀Overtraining wrecks havoc on a body that already barely gets nourished – if you want to be exercising you need to feed your body especially if you want to maintain your metabolism and muscle mass
👀Detox teas and juice fasting is not what you ‘need’. seriously you dont need to detox, just cut out the crap.
👀”Trainers” who tell you, you have to burn 1000 #calories while training and only eat chicken and broccoli have to go – seriously its 2020 😳 go science abit please.
👀Sugar is not the same as cocaine, like wtf
👀All or nothing #mindsets, are not winning mindsets – you have to focus on balance all the pilars of health and wellness to be successful. (your perception of successful matters here)
👀 Having body fat is normal and #healthy and good for a healthy #hormonal profile. (the right amount of course)
👀 Ladies, not getting your #period is not okay!
👀Never underestimate the power of daily #habits#movement#sleep#rest and eating a #balanced nourishing diet.

If this made you questions your latest fad or the latest trend on instagram, you need to speak to a professional.

Let me know what you following at the moment, need advice, want to get on the right path? Lets chat 😉

x M