Collaboration Packages

I have collaborated with various health professionals to add extra value to your Packages and experience on your health journey

The Ultimate PCOS package

A holistic treatment plan including 1:1 in practice consults with Dr Dass including specialized acupuncture treatment and individualized herbal treatment, based in Pietermaritzburg. Included is a 1:1 online premium coaching package with Me (Marizelle), which includes nutritional strategies, specialized PCOS training plan and mindset practices to bring you a well rounded PCOS specific programme to get your health back on track.

Send me an email with “the ultimate PCOS package” and ill send you more information.

Health coaching and Dietician Collaboration

Leoni Fortmann is our Dietician on board and helps my clients who have specific dietary needs.

Read more about Leoni below

What can you expect from our dietician?

After the client has their consultation with Marizelle, I will receive her notes which I will analyse and interpret. From my conclusions I work out a very client specific meal plan that includes health specific goals and guidelines on how to achieve them. As an extra, the client will also receive recipes designed to fit within the calculated meal plan. 

Once the document is ready for the client, a 30-40min online consultation will be scheduled where the client will receive a complete debrief of their meal plan and other guidelines, this is to ensure that the individual understands everything before they start with their wellness journey. From then onwards, follow up consultations for monitoring of client progress will completely depend on the individual alone and how they wish to proceed.

Consultations following will be charged according to medical aid rates.

Add on a consultation with our dietician and save 40% off for your first consultation

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