What my clients say:

Marizelle’s online training during lockdown and one to one sessions before have been a godsend for not only me but my family too. She takes time to understand both your mental and physical health before crafting a plan of action which doesn’t need an entire gym of equipment. I’ve lifted wine bottles, boxes and huge water bottles. Highly recommend to anyone whether in Ballito or worldwide.

Online Biofit client

My back is all good again and I’m back to riding again. Just rode the Cape Argus with my wife on tandem. Thanks for your help. I have and will keep on recommending your excellent and professional services

Jesse Wilson

Have been doing Aqua with Maz for 18 months, I am in my seventies and its the best thing I have ever done.

Patt Campbell
Chronic low back pain, SA

I have learnt so much in the short three months of being coached by Marizelle. I am no longer reliant on anti-anxiety medications as I have learnt how to manage my stress and lifestyle properly. Thank you, Marizelle!

Em Dunkirkly
Hormonal imbalances, anxiety and pain, SA

Marizelle’s approach to exercise and nutrition changed my life. I am fit, stronger than ever, and almost pain free. I have learnt how to manage my flares and stress with her program.

C Kruz
Fibromyalgia survivor, SA

I am 52 years old with fibromyalgia. I am the strongest I have ever been in mind and body. Working with Marizelle has changed my life and being able to do online classes during lockdown has been a blessing and so much fun!

Caroline Hurst
RN from UK, currently living in SA

Marizelle is a professional who cares. She listens, assesses and draws up programmes individually. She’s made a big difference in my life and I can highly recommend her.

Karina Taylor
Psychometrist, Ballito

The lockdown would have definitely led to weight gain, laziness and procrastination, if it wasn’t for Maz and her innovative ways to keep her clients fit and healthy. I am coming out of this lockdown a new woman, stong, healthy and in the best shape ever.

Reviewer wish to remain anonymous

This lady knows her stuff! Super professional, super reliable, super sweet and super Biofit Classes!

One of the best I’ve ever had the privilege to train with.

Patricia Lewis
Singer/ Entertainment, SA

Love Marizelle’s holistic, caring approach. As a sixty something I am stronger and fitter than ever, my eating and sleep patterns have improved and my prescribed medication has reduced. My golf swing has even improved!

Gary Tramontino
Ex Cricketer
Avid Golfer
, SA

Weekly sessions with Marizelle have been a blessing for us both. We feel so much fitter, stronger and much more positive about keeping fit. We don’t ever want the session to end. Also amazing for our posture when working in an office all day. Thank you Marizelle! Would recommend to anyone.

R Hurst
HR Management, UK

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, and for years I have been struggling to lose weight! With so much information on the internet it was all really confusing! Coming across Marizelle’s article was the best thing that could have happened to me. Before starting my journey with Maz, I had irregular periods, no energy, constant mood swings and my anxiety was through the roof. I lacked confidence in my physical appearance and I was always putting myself down! I had no idea where to start or what to do! I spent so much money on trying different diets, supplements or exercises but nothing would change!

1 month in with Maz and I have lost 4kg’s, have so much energy and my moods swings have improved and my period was on time!!

Being able to eat what you love and still see results is a big WIN! I am finding myself again, my self-worth, self-love and confidence on this journey and weight-loss is a great bonus!!

Nicole, PCOS and Fertility Client

After 2 hip replacements and rigorous rehab and self sessions with programming, I am back to playing touch rugby with no major niggles, I am really in a good space, much appreciate every thing you have done and helping through this process.

Tim Wise

I just wanted to say thanks for your assistance & advice in helping me recover & get my strength & condense back, really appreciate your encouragement too.

Michelle, MS patient

It was really nice meeting you. Surrounded in a world of female ignorance its really what I needed and was god sent really. I feel so much better. Its such a fine line with this stuff and being a woman. Thank you for such sincerity and empathy.

Fatloss client with hormonal issues

Your unique approach to health and fitness, has completely changed my view on fat loss and woman’s health in general, looking a certain way is absolutely attainable its just a matter of knowing which puzzle pieces fit together for your individual body, no one size fits all, cookie cutter plans here. I am so excited to see where we will be in a few months time.

Lea, PCOS client

The 8 week lifestyle challenge with Maz, was one of a kind. I learnt so many new things that i have never been taught in past challenges. Its already 2 months after the challenge and I;m still using the knowledge I learnt with Maz. I’m feeling healthier fitter and stronger than ever before. the weight loss is just a bonus.

8 week lifestyle change client

I started working with Marizelle 3 months ago, I needed some direction and confidence after having 2 babies. Maz has such a great approach, so easy to talk to and her program has really catapulted me to being a better version of myself. I can now show up for my family, my demanding schedule and still work at my goals with energy and confidence.

Jesica V, post partum 8 week lifestyle change challenge

My 90 day transformation with maz has changed my life, my families lives and its made such a lasting impact on my health and well-being. I can thank you enough.

Tazmin S, VIP transformation, PCOS client
image by: Yvonne Roentgen

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