Ways to Improve Your Gut Health Today

When it comes to gut health its important to understand that there is irritation to the gut lining, therefore symptoms like bloating, digestive issues and skin irritations occur. So in order to repair the gut we need to remove the irritants before starting the repair phase. Removal is vital.

The process is called the 3 R’s and involves 3 phases of this healing process:


  1. Cut anything from your diet that might be causing the problem. (If you’re not sure what it could be, I can help with this!) – for starters check out my previous gut health post for common irritants.


After removal, we want to introduce the next phase to repair the gut, stabilise important hormones and balance bacterial diversity.

In order of most importance these are my top 3.

  1. Add in high quality collagen to your diet. ( I love the PureWithin brand – get intouch to get your own today)
  2. Sip on bone broth (I prefer making my own, so I know it’s high quality stuff!)
  3. Supplement with glutamine (repairs the gut lining)


  1. Eat your fiber! Try to get at least 25g/day. Fiber keeps things moving in the digestive system, so important for gut health. Some fibers even add healthy bacteria. Here I love adding in a carrot or carrot salad. Carrots are amazing for detoxification. Check out this post for more amazing benefits of carrot salads. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC3KmhLnMuv/
  2. Incorporate probiotic-rich foods everyday. These include fermented foods like kefir, plain yogurt, raw sauerkraut, low-sugar kombucha, and kimchi. I am loving Kombucha lately, it tastes like a mojito crossed with a lemony gin and tonic. Did you just imagine that? ha! but it definitely depends on the flavouring, there are so many to choose from. I have been loving the Dr Toms Kombucha.
  3. Manage your stress! Seriously? that sounds silly right? No. Stress is a HUGE contributor to poor gut health. Here is a great post on simple ways to start managing your stress through self care https://www.instagram.com/p/CCTaJ0cHqfD/ (if you need some more tips get in touch)


Not always a MUST, but this depends on how bad your gut health really is and how serious your symptoms are.

Here is a short list that I would generally recommend, but more individual assessment will be needed to fine tune the list.

  1. Pure Collagen powder Collagen is an essential component for healing and sealing the gutCollagen is now recognized as one of the key supplements for gut health.
  2. Moringa Powder Moringa is a superfood for gut and overall health as it contains nutrients, fiber, and phytochemicals. These compounds, including polyphenols and isothiocyanates, have been shown to promote gut health by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria and suppressing that of pathogenic bacteria.
  3. Glutamine – L-glutamine can also boost immune cell activity in the gut, helping prevent infection and inflammation, as well as soothing the intestinal tissue.
  4. Magnesium Citrate – Magnesium is just as important for your heart muscle and the peristaltic movement that moves food along your gut as it gets digested. If you are low in Mg, your bowels become sluggish, you become constipated which then leads to more imbalance in bacteria and hormones in the gut. Healthy bowel movements are important for gut health.

If you suffer from gut issues, give these 3 simple steps a go. If your unsure of anything get in touch.


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Published by Marizelle

Hi! My name is Marizelle. I am a Biokineticist, Sports Scientist, Sports massage therapist, trained Specialized Kinesiologist, passionate about Movement, Nutrition and Mindset. I am dedicated to helping and guiding individuals to become the best version of themselves - Mind, Body, Spirit. Thank you for checking in, and welcome! I am all about living a health focused lifestyle, I encourage creating long lasting sustainable habits which lead to living your best life. My mission is to enlighten you about the effects of movement, nutrition and a healthy mental state on well-being. There is no 'one size fits' all approach to living optimally, we are all individuals, but I can guide you in a way that works best for you, your lifestyle and needs. My special interests are educating and helping my patients to better help themselves, I have a huge passion for woman's health and helping woman with hormones issues as well as rehabilitation required for chronic diseases and transforming lives through mindset, movement and nutrition. Get in touch if you would like to learn more.

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